8 Quick Tips for Hockey Stride

To become a fast and efficient skater you need to get the most out of each and every stride.

The following are several INEFFICIENT methods of skating seen commonly during any hockey practice or game in your local arena’s.

* The Runner – a skater which like a runner pushes his skates straight back, utilizes the flat portion of his/her blades. This results in high effort with poor and ineffective speed.

* The Penguin – This is indicative of a player that would shift his/her weight from side to side,which is caused by a very wide stance.This stride limits the length of stride resulting in a stride which would resemble that of a penguin waddling. This stride again like the runner would limit stride extension which results in diminished speed.

* Toddler steps – This player looks as though he means business, as his strides are very quick and choppy but the aggressiveness in his stride only manage to tire the player out faster.

* The Stork – This player skates virtually in a straight up position which would create a high center of gravity, having done so one cannot fully extend the legs which creates diminished balance control and severely compromises speed.

A proper balance of skating technique, developed strength in muscle groups which elevate ones gross power necessary for on ice explosiveness will help create the ultimate skating technique most suited to your body type. At the Y.A.T.C we can help you develop the proper stride for ultimate efficiency.

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